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Image of Oil Derick for Continental Alloys

Continental Alloys

Continental Alloys: Oil Country Tubulars (Casing and Tubing), Hollow Carrier, Linepipe, Premium Connections, and Accessories

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Image of Vehicle Clutching logs for Encore Metals

Encore Metals

Encore Metals: Bar: Alloy, Carbon, Tubing: Alloy, Drill Collar Plate: Stainless

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Image of Metal Bars for EMJ


EMJ Canada: Bar: Alloy, Carbon, Stainless and Aluminum Tubing: Alloy, Carbon Shapes: Stainless

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Image of Hydraulic Pistons for Team Tube

Team Tube

Team Tube: Bar: Alloy, Carbon, Chrome Plated Tubing: Alloy, Carbon, Cylinder

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