Across the RMCL network, we have many processing and fabrication capabilities, providing specialized services and value to our customers. Each of our locations offers a unique portfolio of services: saw cutting, laser cutting, plasma arc, plate saw, trepanning, and more.

Saw Cutting

All of our locations offer saw cutting capabilities. This Kasto model "WIN 5.6" is a fully automated band saw with capacity up to 22" diameter which can cut both tube and bar in varying grades of steel: Carbon, Alloy, Stainless and Aluminum. The parameters are loaded with the material and the saw sets the correct feeds and speeds to cut it most efficiently. The saw is programmable for multiple cuts as well.


Our extensive range of automated Trepan Machines can accommodate round or square stock from 2" to 32" in diameter. Our machines have the capabilities to drill hole sizes from 1" to 10" ID’s and bar lengths from 6" to 22'.

We have the expertise to drill multiple grades of steel, aluminum, and cast, to produce high-quality hole finishes.

Plate Saw Cutting

The Schelling fm6 plate saw is a high precision cut-to-size saw that cuts high value materials like aluminum and non-ferrous metals cleanly and reliably. The newest technology on the market, this machine optimizes cutting quality, protects surfaces and minimizes scrap.

Plasma Arc Cutting

The high definition plasma cutting capabilities can accommodate stainless steel grades from .1875" up to 2" thick x 96" wide x 240" long. This high production machine has a tight tolerance and gives us the ability to cut squares, rectangles, rounds, rings or most custom profiles. We can process and nest drawings sent to us in PDF, DXF and Solidworks files.

Tube Bending

The Tube Bending Machine offers 1⅜" ˜ x .118" max, and is programmable for 0 - 180° bending angle, and 0 - 180° rotating angle, with an angle tolerance of +/- 1°. It can handle round, hex, rectangle, metric, and special forms for custom orders.

Laser Tube Cutting

Utilizing Fiber Laser technology, the state of the art Lasertube LT8 processes round, square, rectangular and special shaped tubes, plus angle iron, channel and flat bar into intricate joints and kits for the automotive, medical, construction and energy industries. The LT8 delivers unparalleled productivity rates across its entire capacity range. 3-D machining capability is an essential feature for processing bigger dimensioned and thicker wall tube.

Cold Saw Cutting

The High Speed Cold Saw with bar feeder has a range of ⅜ - 3¼ Diameter and is capable of holding an overall tolerance of .005. For high production and high performance, this saw delivers.

Circular Saw Cutting

The Tsune CNC Circular Saw is a fully automatic, high production machine which utilizes CNC control of all cutting parameters to produce nearly dry, repetitively close tolerance parts, with a capacity of 1 3/16" to 7.100", and cutting tolerances of +/- .004", and milling finish.